Guard your Windows

Hi everyone, be sharp and alert!

On page 26 of the Home Guard Book, I paint a rather frightening stage, it reads…

“Oh dear, now what do I do?”
This is the time for decisive, swift and wise action. It is the time to remain cool and follow the plan you have already prepared.
(Oh? You say you have not got anything prepared? Oh dear! That’s procrastination for you.)

Alright, let’s stop and reflect on what could happen next…

One of the gang has a 2-kg hammer or rock. He begins to smash the big center windowpane (the one that has no burglar guards) of your child”s bedroom. Within seconds the whole gang are in the room with knives or guns pointed at your child’s head.

Now, what the hell do I do – – -?

You take the good advice that was given to you long before this ugly scenario took place!

What advice? (The advice in this book!)

So now let’s give attention to your windows…

Take an observant walk around your home from the outside and examine how easy or difficult it would be to smash through any one of your windows with a 4lb hammer? Then ask yourself if it is possible to gain entry into that room via such a violent entry? If so, the next question is, “what am I going to do about it to prevent it, or if it happens tonight how will I protect my family in case the “enemy” gets in?

Windows are the obvious choice for burglars and home invaders. They break quickly and easily, in seconds actually, and before you can say “what was that noise” you are sniffing gunpowder from the barrel of a gun. “If only” is a statement of regret and let’s face it no-one likes regret, more particularly if death and destruction are the cause!

Now comes the real reason for this newsletter…

How to protect your windows from violent or even silent and sneaky entry?

Most South Africans have had this nasty experience, including me. In my case, it was two nights after builders delivered sand to my home. One of the workers was a “commission agent” for the robbers. This means that these delivery people are paid by the enemy to identify easy entry points where people are building and vulnerabilities exist.

In my greeting above I encourage being ALERT at all times, this is South Africa folks, home of the most amount of thugs in and out of government. Every street is lined with thieves ready to steal your stuff, or your car etc. And they have no hesitation to stick a knife in your chest or shoot you for that cell phone you are so glibly chatting on in public. So are you alert to your vulnerabilities?

Here are the ways to make it extremely difficult for thugs to break into your windows…

  1. Use heavy duty (12mm steel) guards on every window, opening or fixed!
  2. Have heavy duty plastic film fitted to all windows – this resists even a 2kg hammer.
  3. Fit fire-resistant screens above all windows – these are like roller blinds which can be deployed against petrol bomb attacks
  4. Every window needs its own early warning laser or PIR detector so as to alert you to intrusion attempts
  5. Fit cameras in such a way that they can see all windows – when an attack takes place you want to know which window, DO NOT GO TO THE WINDOW TO OPEN THE CURTAINS TO SEE!
  6. Have Viper Squirt offensive weapons deployed at these windows which will repel attackers from proceeding (give them a very nasty surprise)

At this point you are probably thinking about the cost, right? DON’T!!! Rather, think about the cost of allowing murderous, torturous thugs into your home, because, after nearly twenty years in this security field, I can attest to this one disastrous HUMAN FAILING, After, yes, AFTER you have been attacked, you will spend inordinate amounts of money on useless security measures such as electric fencing and “armed” response units, and psychiatric counselling, etc. Your spending will be “PANIC” driven, not strategic driven! I swear this is true and tragic! Be as smart as you think you are and make the strategic moves NOW!

It is an actual nightmare, to live with your stupidity and miserliness AFTER you have been attacked!

If this makes sense to you and you can appreciate the blunt truth, then please pass this on to people you care about, it could easily save their lives.

Next Newsletter will be about Guard your Doors