Home Guard Book for your protection

Are you beginning to wonder if it is possible to be safe in your own home in South Africa any longer?

We are surrounded by criminals of a rather nasty nature and the game has changed substantially from the days when the ordinary burglar guard around your windows would be more than sufficient.

Today our criminal can overcome such meager measures in seconds. even kicking in your doors and ransacking your home before you can say home guard!

The time has come for us all to upgrade and outsmart the enemy, and the way to do that is by getting the latest technologies, coupled to the latest information on how to use such technology.

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Home Guard Book

When the pen is mightier than the sword it is time to start reading, to taking in knowledge of life-saving information that will impact critically on your survival of the escalating of lawlessness throughout our once beautiful country.

Learn how to construct layers of protection inside and outside your home, not a stone has been left unturned in this book.

Years ago you may have had the luxury of time to squander on fun in the sun and on the golf course, but now, you must be a total idiot if you feel time is on your side!

History is a brutal truth teller, filled with death and destruction in one country after another, please do not be lulled into erroneously concluding that it will not repeat itself here in South Africa where extreme violence is an everyday occurrence.

In my first newsletter for our subscribers, I will show you clearly how to arm yourself, legally, to repel gangs of thugs attempting to breach your perimeter!

But first, buy the book, evaluate your vulnerabilities with the chart provided in the book, prepare your defences and offences according to the time-tested methods described in the chapters and it may surprise you to learn that I do not recommend traditional methods of protection, they are outdated and ineffectual, such as electric fences!

Could you give us some idea about the contents of your book?

The contents of the book as you can see from the index deals with all aspects of your home!

Chapter 1 Outside looking in - looks at your home the way robbers do. This chapter will help you see your home from a different perspective and help you close some gaps.

Chapter 2 The perimeter - examines your walls, fences, hedges surrounding your home and forces some realistic thinking and planning on  your part.

Chapter 3 Home defences - helps us to barricade ourselves in with lots of ideas and suggestions.

Chapter 4 Daylight robbery - a new and rather sinister meaning, one that you should give very serious attention to. Many have fallen victim, regretfully to these violent invasions.

Chapter 5 Alarms galore - what you need to know about alarms, and a most enlightening new approach to the best alarm ever seen.

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Also, I will be selling extremely important and powerful in-depth reports/tutorials for R20 each for you to download on subjects no-one has dealt with as yet.

You will learn about perimeter control, window security, door reinforcing, roof protection, fire protection from petrol bombs, safe rooms, defensive measures and offensive measures such as has not yet been seen anywhere in the world.

If you are serious about survival, then subscribe and start getting informed!

What is a rope ladder doing in a Home Security book?


Rope ladders are one of the essentials for almost every home, but especially double story buildings. To escape your home in case of an emergency whether fire or home invasion etc.

We recommend the Metzco Rope Ladder and for more information on these ladders please visit www.metzcoropeladders.com they are local manufacturers of the best rope ladders worldwide.

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